Mining has always been a challenging outdoor environment. Today’s world of regulation, fluctuating markets, production cost pressure, ageing workforce and extreme skills gaps require a fundamental operational change to be competitive.

Mines are some of the most challenging environments because they are vast and outdoors or underground. Data networks enable real time visibility of production operations so managers can make informed decisions to improve output. Worker safety, fleet management, material tracking, real time reporting and automated business system interfacing all have a positive effect on production. This kind of demand means reliable WiFi over large areas.

Our integration specialists will conduct a thorough on-site assessment of the existing infrastructure including all mobile and fixed equipment, communication systems, physical security and evaluate the terrain. Our engineers will also review the mining plan to gain a better understanding of anticipated changes that will occur in the future. Then we will design a roadmap to accomplish the existing goals as well as provide capacity for future changes.

Network Assessment

Allows for a detailed look into current infrastructure whether surface or underground to facilitate the planning and design of your projects moving forward.

  • Fiber/Microwave backhaul infrastructure
  • Hierarchical linked equipment
  • Fleet connectivity
  • Virtualization


Mine sites need robust communication systems to overcome topography changes like vast outdoor areas, mobile fleet variations and environmental challenges.

  • 2way radio to VoIP IPICS
  • Unified communications
  • Video/telepresence


Real Time Location Systems over WiFi provide the ability to track personnel for safety and equipment for production and loss prevention.

  • Personnel safety management
  • Equipment efficiency
  • Evacuation monitoring
  • Location management


WiFi networks provide mobile fleet communication, remote outdoor equipment monitoring and an extension of network access.

  • Site survey
  • Interference assessment
  • Solution/technology determination
  • Physical equipment (power, solar, monitoring)

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