Super Bowl Stadium WiFi install done right

The Challenge

In 2011 the existing IT infrastructure for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium was not good enough to handle the data traffic needed to host Super Bowl XLV. Nothing would ruin a great day of football like lagging data and dropped connections. Except maybe warm beer and soggy hotdogs or rain. Our client approached us to improve the network, so it could handle game day load. Our expertise is networks in complex environments, so we were up to the challenge. Come hear a story about a stadium WiFi install done right, even if we can’t control the weather.

The Evaluation

The network needed to handle traffic for all outdoor ticketing system, vendor connections, security-video cameras and, AT&T Wi-Fi access for thousands of fans! Our staff surveyed the entire outdoor property at Arlington Stadium. We did a thorough analysis of the survey results. Then we designed a system that could handle what was expected and more.

The Implementation

We were able to design and implement an extremely challenging and complex RF architecture. We did this by using a Wireless MESH Network. It supported full coverage of all outdoor areas and has centralized control to maximize both security and performance and be Super Bowl ready!

The only wired network access to the outside came from the roof. The roof access point is over 100 feet above the surface in the parking areas. We needed to connect all the wireless to this connection point. We installed a total of 8 Root Access Points (RAPs) on the roof, which required the use of directional antennas. The MESH Access Points (MAPs) are installed on street lights in the parking areas, each roughly 30 feet above ground. These linkback to the antennas on the roof. Many of the parking areas are between ¾ and 1¼ miles from the building. The distance means creating a clear line of sight was critical.

Additionally, the event (semi-temporary) coverage areas were designed and installed specifically for the Super Bowl.

The Result

Our design of a network provided the resources necessary to handle the data traffic generated on game day. Our advanced Wireless MESH install managed traffic for one of the largest events in the world. It handled all the data needs for the team, league, referee, and security communications; media channels; and avid fans .

The network supported and sustained thousands of users for the entire Super Bowl event. It can now be used for large event coverage going forward. Now that is what is known as stadium WiFi install done right.

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