Refinery WiFi design

The Challenge

Our client, a big Oil and Gas plant operator, came to us looking to install wireless at one of their refineries. This was a particular challenge because a past design was partially in place and not working at all. IP Assurance could not design from scratch, we needed to work with what was there. Instead, we needed to carefully change what was there already to get a totally new wireless infrastructure.

The Evaluation

IP Assurance staff dug into the existing design and evaluated each access point to make sure there was optimal coverage. Then the design was changed to minimize any new equipment costs and to take advantage of what was already there.

The Implementation

The implementation of the previous design was incomplete. Our engineers modified 50% of the existing access point locations. Also, we added 20% more access points to the refinery WiFi install. During the process we were able to guide the client to industry best practices for installing fiber optics, which benefitted their control systems as well. Once the physical install was complete, we tuned the system for optimal connectivity. We also adjusted the system for maximum capacity.

The Result

The oil and gas refinery wireless install went smoothly and the client was so happy that Phase II has already begun. The extra capacity allowed all of the plant operators to monitor and take logs for the control systems remotely. With the extra connectivity, they added monitoring devices like vibration, temperature, and tank level sensors. Before the changes, those devices could not be connected. This means the plant is safer. IP Assurance went on to install WiFi for eight other plants for the same pleased client.

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