Industrial manufacturing is rapidly changing because of the prominence of large global supply chains, regional production, and virtualized product development.

We offer specialized factory WiFi design to help our industrial manufacturer clients keep up with the ever changing market. A market that requires intelligent, scalable and secure operations. Not only that, our clients must develop regional and corporate IT standards to provide sustainability while providing a platform for expansion.

Our specialists help industrial manufacturers by designing and applying the technical tools and processes to meet their organizational goals for growth and continuity. We have deep experience with manufacturing and provide support from the carpeted-space to the production floor.

Network Assessment

We take a detailed look into current infrastructure. Be this on the factory floor or in a clean room to facilitate the planning and design of your projects moving forward.

  • Network mapping
  • Clean environment
  • Acidic/corrosive/explosive


Wireless networks provide remote equipment monitoring and operation (ISA100) and an extension of network access for mobile users.

  • Site survey
  • Interference assessment
  • Solution/technology determination
  • Physical equipment (power, solar, monitoring)

Physical Security

Controlling physical access to restricted areas is critical for maintaining a safe working environment, maintaing regulatory compliance and validating system operators.

  • Access control
  • Gate control/monitoring

Process Control

The security and sensitivity concerns in an industrial ethernet environment require a unique design to provide physically segmented and logically isolated networks.

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